lepoard shoes

~ Fashion~

Recently I’ve seen some of my favourite bloggers wearing the Stella McCartney espadrilles during the summer.  There’s no way I could afford that sort of money for a whim and lets be honest with the weather in Glasgow, *17 degrees and raining as per usual* ( and this is our summer!) , I wouldn’t see myself getting any wear out of them.  So I put my thrift cap on and discovered these gems tucked away in H&M

I’ve often thought that the leopard print can tend to look quite tacky but paired with jeans and a leather jacket these on a dry day can look quite stylish I think.  What I love about them is that they don’t rub the back of my heels like most new shoes and they were only £14.99.  I could have done with getting a size bigger but other than that I love them.  The sole is made of foam so like I say the occasional dry day we have I’ll be bringing these out the wardrobe.

Let me know in the comments what you think of these shoes and follow my blog it means a lot to me!

lepoard shoes 2 leopard shoes 3


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