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Cake and Coffee in Glasgow’s West End


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I’m pretty lucky in that I only live a short bus journey along from Glasgow’s West End, which in my opinion is the prettiest area of Glasgow.  There is so much character in the west end and I always feel 100% at ease. There is the Kelvingrove art gallery, Botanic Gardens,  cute vintage shops and Aston Lane ( like London’s Covent Garden sort of) with sparkling fairy lights and restaurants and pubs down a cobbled street.

Today my mum and I went to one of our favourite individual cafes hidden in one of the leafy streets up from the main road of the west end, Byres Road.  Its one of those cafe’s that everything is home made and has a feel good atmosphere to it.  The jacket potatoes and salad are to die for but today we tried their Victoria sponge cake and I had a hot chocolate and mum had a coffee.  I think the picture says it all best cake ever!

byres rd                                  byres road 2

Afterwards we walked down the leafy streets and noised in the shops on the high street.  Glasgow really is pretty when its sunny!

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