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My Nail Polish Collection Part 2!

nailpolish collection

~ Beauty~

So you guys seemed to enjoy Part 1 of my Nail polish collection so here is part 2 featuring purples, reds, pinks and nudes.  Enjoy and I hope you feel enabled to make a few purchases! I will follow this up with a part 3 based on Glitter Polishes

  • *Purples*

Barry M Nail Paint in Bikini:- Is a lovely Blue toned purple that was bought from a limited edition Barry M ran last year I think.

Topshop Nails in Parma Violet:- Probably my favourite purple out of the collection of purples, this is a delicate dusty violet purple, as the name suggests that looks pretty on the nails, needs 2 coats

Kiko Nail Lacquer 338:- Is a half way colour between the 2 mentioned above, it has blue tones in it but is still quite light. It is a runny consistency but dries fast

Barry M Nail Paint Fashion Icon 442:- I bought this last year for Christmas and it is typically sparkly and full of fine glitter pigments.  The actual colour is a darker purple.  It takes a while to come off the nails but tin foil works a treat

Sally Hanson Manicure Cherry Cherry Bang Bang 414:- Is a plum coloured purple I don’t tend to opt for this polish much but my mum loves it, I think I will use it for this Autumn its a lovely shade and the brush is good.



Essie Muchi Muchi:- This is a marshmallow creamy pink colour so very light on the nails but it could be built up.  It takes a while to dry so patience is key but it is chip proof and would be a good subtle choice for school.

Astra Corla 810:- A coral colour that is great for the summer with a tan it reminds me of strawberry baby food desert haha!

Autograph by M&S Orchid:- This in my opinion is a bitof a wishy washy colour it takes a while to dry and has glitter pigments in it

*Nude Tones*

Barry M Gelly Shine Cotton 524:- This is what I’ve had constantly on my nails, its a perfect white that looks so fresh and clean and goes with every outfit!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Penguin Chick:- A mauve colour that again, goes with everything this colour will be good for Autumn winter when you want to tone down nails but want something on them.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint Vanilla 409:- I can only describe this as an almond bland colour for the nails, its matte so dries  in very fast.  Its a shade darker than natural nails and is a marmite kind of colour.  But I like it for days I want something on my nails.

*Reds, Oranges*

Kiko Nail Lacquer 240:- A wine colour red that is a staple in any nail polish collection

Mavala Bordeaux 69:- This is a rich red colour but the size of the bottle for the price tag is ridiculous feel like you could only get 2 wears out of it and it would be gone.

Barry M Nail Paint Block Orange 301:- A gorgeous bright redish orange which really makes nails stand out and is easy to make any outfit look more interesting

Barry M Speedy Nails Full Throttle 508:- I find this shade of orange very calming on the eyes its a milky light orange shade that dries in super fast and looks delicate on the nails

H&M Nail Polish Lemon Sorbet:- A tiny tiny bottle of yellow polish it instantly makes me feel happy and is quite quirky

Hope you found this post interesting stay tuned for Part 3 coming up shortly.  If you haven’t already please follow my blog and leave me a comment, I really appreciate it!


I'm Clare, a 22 year old history masters student from Scotland . I created this space in 2015 to talk about some of my fav things *cue the sound of music* ranging from food to makeup to travel. Feel free to follow the blog and my Instagram which is maple_clouds17

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