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Inside Lush Christmas Boxes


In my what I got for Christmas post which is linked here in case you missed it, I received 2 gift sets from Lush specifically from their festive range.  The Christmas candy gift set was packaged so pretty with the large lime bow that I resisted for a while from opening it, but of course I eventually did.

 *Christmas Candy Gift Set*

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Lush Christmas Pud

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Star Rockstar Soap

Each item from the Candy gift set is as you would guess is super sweet smelling.  I have never tried the candy mountain bubble bar but it has the same scent as snow fairy and I know that I will get around 3 baths from it by crumbling it under the water.  The Lush pud bath bomb has more of a malt smell to it so not as sweet as the other products.  I’m looking forward to seeing what colours it will change the bath water to.

*Santa’s Belly Gift Set*

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly

FUN what a softy play doh for the shower

The Santa’s belly gift set smells more fruity as it says it has mandarin and orange oils which gives both products a fresh fruity smell, but is still quite sweet.  I’ve never used a shower jelly before but like the concept as with the play doh which I’m guessing you can mould shapes out of it before crumbling it under the shower water.

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