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Lipsticks in the Nude


There’s nothing quite as classic as a nude lipstick, a lip option that goes with any outfit and isn’t as risky as a red or berry toned lipstick.  These are the two nude lipsticks in my makeup collection that I am loving at the moment.  Both are quite different coloured nudes but the consistency of them is very similar.

Clinique Nude Pop

I’ve heard a lot about the Clinique Lip Pops, and back in November the Glamour Magazine with Tanya Burr on the Cover came free with the choice of a few Clinique products one being a miniature of the Clinique Lip pop.  I opted for the Nude Pop shade, which, as you would guess is a nude lipstick.  It’s definitely more of a brown/red toned lipstick and has a glossy finish so it isn’t drying on the lips.  It is so dainty and perfect for throwing in the handbag.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Nude Lipsticks

An extension of the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick line, a nude lipstick range was launched last year claiming their to be a lipstick to satisfy every girl.  I chose 40 ( such a pity they don’t have names) which is a really light cappuccino nude shade.  It feels more matte on the lips than the Clinique one but still isn’t drying which is good.  The lipstick claims to last 8 hrs but I cant say I’ve ever worn a lipstick for that length of time.  It retails at the affordable price range of the £5 mark and is a good everyday lipstick.

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