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LUSH Easter Haul

What a better post to get back into blogging than a LUSH Easter post?!  Yesterday post uni I took a visit to LUSH to check out their Easter Range after looking at Instagram.  I think Easter is my favourite holiday in terms of the products LUSH launch, I hope you enjoy this post 🙂

*What came First?*

This most definitely is the most expensive bath bomb I’ve ever purchased from LUSH.  However, it is such a creative fun concept as inside the giant egg is a chicken! So once you crack the egg open in a traditional Easter egg style, you have 2 half’s of the egg along with a chicken.  Amazing! I’ve yet to crack my egg but look forward to doing so as I will get 3 baths from the one product which is good value for money.

*Bunch of Carrots*

Possibly the cutest thing from the Easter range is this bunch of carrots which are re-usable bubble bars which you run under water to create lots of bubbles.  The scent of the carrots is of lemon and grapefruit so very uplifting and fresh.  They look so cute and make the perfect Instagram pic 🙂

* Fluffy Egg*

Fluffy egg is a recurring favourite of mine from the past couple of years and my favourite scent out the haul.  The egg is candy pink and smells super sweet and really is lovely to watch as you drop it into the bath.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my purchases from LUSH I hope to pick a few more products up from the Easter collection as everything is so adorable! If your new to my blog, please follow and comments are always welcomed.

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