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MAC Lipstick Haul

Hey guys! Today I have a MAC Lipstick Haul for you as I splashed some cash on my recent trip down to London. The two new lipsticks to my collection are Faux pictured above left and Syrup pictured above right.  I’m really attracted to pinky nudes and happy with my lastest purchases.


I bought Faux in Covent Garden MAC store but had actually went in looking for Brave. However, I have fallen in love with Faux and have been wearing it religiously almost everyday since purchasing it.  Its a satin finish which I’ve come to think is my favourite MAC finish, its not as drying as a matte finish but it isn’t glossy either.  In terms of colour, I’d describe it as being a brown pink toned nude.  It stays on the lips really well and I’d say it can be worn both day and night.


I bought syrup at Gatwick airport * who can refuse duty free?!* Syrup is more of a rose plum shade and after hearing one of my favourite Youtubers Lily Pebbles recommend it I just had to have it.  Syrup is a lustre finish so its a tad more glossy and moisturising on the lips, I think its a perfect shade to have for Spring.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the lipsticks I’ve bought, leave me your MAC recommendations below I really do get enabled when I go into their stores! Also, if your new please follow and I have Instagram @ clare__95 go follow and I’ll follow you back!

Clare x


I'm Clare, a 22 year old history masters student from Scotland . I created this space in 2015 to talk about some of my fav things *cue the sound of music* ranging from food to makeup to travel. Feel free to follow the blog and my Instagram which is maple_clouds17

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