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My Evening Skincare Routine

This post has been a long time in coming but today I’m finally sharing with you all my evening skincare routine, something which I have finally got round to making a ritual before I go to bed each night.  What’s great is that all of these products are affordable and great for sensitive skin 🙂

I’ve found it hard to find beauty bloggers that recommend skincare products that don’t cost a small fortune but are also beneficial for the skin.

For a facial wash I love to use Vichy Normaderm as it is a very gentle cleanser that is recommended for acne prone skin.  Its a cleansing gel that lathers up well with water and leaves the skin feeling super clean but in no way feeling stripped.

In terms of a toner, I must say that I’ve jumped on the band wagon of the La Roche Posay Serozinc which again is suitable for oily, blemish prone skin.  It feels very soothing when sprayed on the face and is great to use before a moisturiser.

Speaking of moisturiser, I’ve discovered a great one from LUSH called Celestial.  It smells of almond, vanilla and cocoa butter so is therefore very creamy but not in any way greasy which I sometimes find certain moisturisers to be.  It keeps the skin moisturised as well as calm.

Every couple of nights during the week I like to treat my skin and use a facemask.  I think facemasks are super fun to apply and I always find they leave my skin feeling really soft.  My holy grail facemask has got to be Catastrophe Cosmetic *gotta love LUSH’s names eh?!* Its a facemask for blemish prone skin and made of blueberries which are great natural antioxidants for the skin as well as soothing camomile.  LUSH facemasks are amazing because all of the products they use are natural so you know exactly what you are applying. I have written a separate blog post on this facemask which you can read here

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, leave me a comment below of what products you use and if your new please follow.  Follow me over on my Instagram at CLARE95XO

Clare x



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