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Brand Focus:- Soap and Glory Summer

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With Summer approaching us fast I thought I would share my top 3 staple products from Soap and Glory which are guaranteed to put you in the summer mood and get your body moisturised and smelling great!

Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion

I’d say that this is my favourite body moisturiser from S&G mainly for the fruity scent which is courtesy of shea butter, orange waterjuice, fig pulp extract and mango.  The scent therefore smells of a Pina Colada super Summery and fruity.  The almond and Moringa oils make the moisturiser a buttery consistency which sinks in nicely to the skin but isn’t at all sticky.  What I love the most about this is that it is in a pump, therefore you don’t have to scoop out product and it lasts for ages.

Heels Genius

I’ll admit it, I really do neglect my feet all year round apart from when I want to wear sandles or flipflops and I realise that I should make an effort.  The Heels Genuis from S&G is a perfect foot cream that really helps chapped feet feel and look more soft. The scent of this product is of lemon so very zesty and fresh.  Its recommended that you lather your clean feet in the product and sleep with socks on for the best results.

The Righteous Butter

Incase you want more of the traditional products of Soap and Glory I would recommend the moisturiser Righteous Butter.  It has the most traditional scent of the brand which I think smells of  sweet marshmallows.  I’ll also add that it comes in a fairly sized 24m tub which means that it lasts forever! * almost literally*

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, Soap and Glory is a brand that I have used and loved for years and I think their products are even better to use in the summer.  If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow my blog and as always leave me a comment below I also respond

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