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Sunny Day in Brighton

Hi everyone! So yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Brighton for the day, somewhere in the UK that I’ve been looking forward to seeing for quite a few years now.  My family and I took the train from London Victoria to Brighton and after an hour of sitting on the train walking out to the sea air was really welcoming!

We started by exploring the lanes in Brighton firstly visiting Bagel man for lunch, I had a delicious cream cheese bagel I’d really recommend it.  We then gandered down the lanes and looked in the quaint boutique shops.  Somewhere we just happened to visit by chance was a stamp shop and the man Gus was such a gentleman! His shop was filled with stamps on every topic you could ever imagine and at such a low price, when he heard that I was interested in history he gave me original stamps from the 1940’s of Jesse Owen who won the Olympic games.  He said that if I sell them in four years from now they could be worth a lot!

After exploring the lanes and getting Ice cream from Boho Gelato we headed down to the Pier.  The pebbled beach was gorgeous especially as it was one of the hottest days of the year.  I was thoroughly impressed with Brighton and only wish that I had more time to explore everything it had to offer!

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