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Benefit Makeup Mini’s

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday, the end of the first week of August!  Today I have a Benefit mini makeup haul for you as I was in Boots and noticed that Benefit had almost like a pick and mix stand of makeup products, 4 for £15.

I think this is a good idea, as not only are the products super cute but they are perfect if you just want to sample certain makeup products from Benefit but not necessary spurge out on the full sized product.  They also are perfect for travelling or even as a gift for someone you know who loves makeup.

Posie Tint

This is a poppy-pink tinted lip and cheek stain which is really high pigmented, so you only need a little of the product to get a blush of colour on either your lips or cheeks.

A Little Bit Bad Gal Lash

I’m excited to try this mascara from Benefit, I haven’t really heard any reviews on it from the beauty blogger industry s will be going in with completely my own thoughts.  The brush itself is quite big and made of fibre so its not plastic which is good.  I’m expecting this mascara to give good volume but I’ll let you know how I get on with it!

High Beam

High Beam is a product of Benefit’s that’s been around a long time and I’ve always meant to pick it up but never seem to have gotten round to it.  So I finally have my hands on it in miniature version! Your meant to dot the highlighter on cheek bones and brow bones to give yourself a highlighted glow.

Dandelion Ultra Plush Lipgloss

I’ve heard a lot about Dandelion blush but never lipgloss.  The lipgloss is pearly pink with a sheen to it and looks glossy with a hint of sparkle to it. It also smells super sweet and reminds me of a Nivea lipgloss.

So there we have my Benefit makeup mini haul! I hope you enjoyed reading it! Leave me your comments below on your fav Benefit makeup and if your new remember to follow for my future blog posts!

Clare x



I'm Clare, a 22 year old history masters student from Scotland . I created this space in 2015 to talk about some of my fav things *cue the sound of music* ranging from food to makeup to travel. Feel free to follow the blog and my Instagram which is maple_clouds17

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  1. I saw this deal in boots also! I wanted to try Bad Gal Lash, however, I​ was pretty disappointed compared to their other mascaras! Loved the post! Maybe check out my blog? Possibly give it a follow? Much love – Ali

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