Hi Everyone! Today I have a review on the ‘Simply Fleur’ Eyelashes from Fleur de Force’s lash line that’s in collaboration with Eyelure.  Personally, I’ve never applied fake eyelashes by myself , in fact the first time I wore fake lashes was back in April at my uni ball!  However, I had a hen night to attend at the weekend there and wanted to try fake eyelashes to complete my makeup look.

The Simply lashes are great if ,like me, your new to fake eyelashes because they are super easy to apply with instructions on the back telling you exactly how to apply them the easiest way, they really are full proof! I didn’t even have to trim these particular lashes which was great and they looked both really pretty but not too fake and dramatic which is just what I wanted for this particular event.

I really recommend these particular lashes from Fleur and am looking forward to trying more from her range! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if your new remember to follow my blog.  You can check out my last post here

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Clare x




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