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Top 3 In the Nude Lipsticks



Hi Everyone! Happy Weekend, I’ve had a lot on this week but thankfully my life is getting into somewhat more of a routine and being organised means I’ll have more blog posts, so a win win all round.  Today I have my current top 3 favourite nude lipsticks. Two of the lipsticks are new and so I may do individual reviews on each as the weeks go on, so see this as like as like my initial reaction post ( except for the MAC lipstick)

*Barry M Cosmetics Bare It All*

I’m turning into a big fan of Barry M lipsticks and they really do have a good nude range for under a fiver as well. Last weekend I picked up 172, called ‘bare it all’. This is a brown toned nude in a cappuccino shade which is a lovely alternative if like me your just venturing into brown toned nudes.  The lipstick has a sheen to like the other ones in the range so be prepared to re- apply but for the price its a great everyday lipstick.

*MAC FAUX Lip Satin*

I wont ramble much about this lipstick as I have mentioned it countless times now in blog posts but just couldn’t leave it out 🙂 Its a pink toned brown with a semi matte finish, you can read more about it in my blog post here.

*NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Abu Dhabi*

I’ve always only ever heard great things from NYX and since recently they have launched in boots up and down the UK *yayy* I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of the most talked about lip creams, Abu Dhabi, this is an ultimate brown nude Kylie Jenner esq lip cream that lasts for ages on the lips without needing re-applied.  The colour is gorgeous for both everyday and evenings out paired with a dramatic eye look.  For the price point of £5 you really are getting good quality makeup for a  bargain price point.

So there we have my top 3 ‘in the nude’ lipsticks.  Let me know yours in the comments and as always follow my blog if you want to see future posts.

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  1. Great review ✨I have to try the nyx Abu Dhabi shade I have never tried brown shades before bit this one looks like it will be flattering on my skin tone 😘

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