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Brand Focus:- Barry M Cosmetics

Hi Everyone! For this weeks Sunday post I’m focusing on the makeup drugstore brand Barry M.  I’m sure for a lot of you , like me, this brand’s products were some of the first makeup you tried.  Who remembers the dazzle dust?! I’m going to work mine into my look for Halloween.  Barry M have been on the go for years but I think in the last few years its really picked up its game.

When it comes to nail polish, Barry M really do own the game up against the other drugstore brands. They provide nail polishes in the whole colour spectrum and in different formulas.  I am particularly keen on the Speedy Range as well as the Gelly High Shine formula which gives a lovely salon style gloss to your nails.  They also do some of the best festive sparkly polishes on the market which I can’t wait to wear again at Christmas.

Recently in an attempt to tame my unruly brows, I picked up their eyebrow kit which comes with brown shadow to fill in brows, white shadow for highlighting the brow bone as well as a wax to set the brows in place and miniature tweezers which are so handy for on the go! The set is really compact and even has a mirror.  After applying my makeup, I like to apply some setting spray to lock it in place.  Barry M’s ‘Mist and Fix’ really helps to do this and makes my face feel instantly fresh and works at preventing my makeup from disintegrating throughout the day.

This year I’ve discovered how good Barry M Lipsticks are.  I particularly love the shade 172 ‘Bare it all’ which is a lovely nude peachy brown nude perfect for this time of the year.  What I lke about their lipsticks is that as well as being well pigmented, they are creamy on the lips and not at all drying.  For under £5 they really are a bargain!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’ve linked Barry M’s website here for you to browse.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if your new remember to follow

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