Hi Everyone! As much as I love Starbucks and Costa Coffee for their winter drinks, sometimes its easier and nicer to make hot beverages in the comfort of your house. To drink in PJ’s.

*Nescafe Gingerbread Latte*

Gingerbread lattes are my favourite types of Christmas drinks and these sachets from Nescafe are great especially if you want to take them into work.  All you need to do is add hot water and stir.


Ovaltine is a perfect winter drink to have before bedtime.  It smells of malteasers *dreamy* and is really good at helping me to doze off to sleep,  You just add hot milk, it is a nice alternative to having a cup of tea in the evenings.

*Cadbury Freddo Hot Chocolate*

Cadbury’s hot chocolates at home are always really delicious.  However, the Freddo Frog edition, in my opinion, is even tastier.  After mixing my hot milk with the chocolate powder, I like to channel my inner barista by using a stencil to make a love heart with the dusting of chocolate.

I hope you liked these hot drinks that are really tasty and easy to make at home.  Leave me a comment and be sure to follow the blog to keep up with the rest of my #Blogmas series

Clare x


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