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Disappointing Drugstore Releases

Hi Everyone! Today I have a different post for you.  Recently on a trip to Superdrug I decided to switch up my usual foundation and mascara for some new drugstore releases which unfortunately turned out for me to be pretty disappointing.

After so much hype with the new L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover foundation and with the new adverts I was really keen to try this foundation.  I love the original infallible foundation as it gives fab coverage and a matte finish so when I heard that there was total coverage edition I thought this would be amazing especially as I have blemishes and redness.  However, firstly I picked up the wrong shade *which never helps* and then I discovered that unlike the original this foundation comes in the consistency of a moose.

As I started to apply it to my face it started to separate and cling to the dry patches of my skin.  I thought that I could fix this by using my sponge to blend it in but that didn’t work either.  I think because of how thick a consistency the foundation is this is why it doesn’t blend well.  I tend to have more oily skin than dry so it was so strange that it clung to dry areas of my skin.

Maybelline really are the best for mascaras and the falsies Angel Push Up Liner really appealed to me.  The brush is made of plastic and is really thin, this strange shape didn’t put me off though because it gets product to the root of your lashes.  However, when applying this mascara it really makes my lashes look clumpy and doesn’t separate them at all.  I’m still using the mascara until I can afford a new one and one thing I find that helps is to get a wipe and wipe off most of the product on the brush to avoid clumpy lashes.

I hope you enjoyed reading my views on these 2 new drugstore makeup releases.  Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments maybe you really like them?

Clare x



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