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Skincare Update:- La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay

Hi Everyone! I haven’t really done a skincare routine post for a good while now so I’m going to fill you in on what’s being going on with my skin and my new plan of action when it comes to my skincare regime.

Since around the age of 11, I’ve had redness around my T zone, mostly the areas around my nose and forehead * I believe the correct term to use is acne rosacea*.  Since then, I’ve more or less spent my time trying to cover up my skin/ the uneven skin tone and the blemishes. I remember at first I got my hands on a concealer crayon from Rimmel which was 2 tones too dark for my skin and as a result of applying it directly to the spots, it  spread the infection around the rest of my face.  It was a great look.  In recent years thanks to the power of makeup I’ve gotten better at covering my skin but recently it has been the worst it has been in a long while which comes at the time of my exams. YAY.

Whether it has been down to stress, hormones, unhealthy eating, makeup sponges whatever, I knew I had to take better control of the situation.  YouTube will sell it to you that you need to have a complex skin care regime: day oils, night oils, toners, lactic acid pads etc. etc. Not only do I not have the budget to afford these excessively priced skin care products, but that’s a lot of products for one face.  As someone from a family of women who have more or less just used plain old water and a moisturiser, I’ve decided to skim it back and go back to a brand I love and trust to hopefully make my skin better.

La Roche Posay are a French skincare brand which use thermal spring water in their products and the brand is directed towards people with sensitive skin and acne prone skin.  I used them a few years back and noticed my skin improved for some time but I aim now to religiously use these products whilst of course, also making more of a conscious effort to make better lifestyle choices e.g. upping my water intake.

I’ve bought the Effaclar foaming gel as a facial wash which I intend to use both morning and night and the Effaclar Matte moisturiser, aimed at people with oily skin and large pores.  I’ll check in with an update in a few weeks time, hopefully I notice a difference!

Thanks for reading, be sure to leave me a comment below telling me your skincare regime 🙂

Clare x



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