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La Roche Posay Skincare Update/ Review!

LA Roche Posay products

As you’ll know if you read this blog post here lately my skincare regime has consisted of more and more La Roche Posay products.  My skin is by no means transformed in the little over a month that I’ve used these products but it is definitely less angry and red than before.  I thought that today would serve as a perfect time to give you my thoughts on each of the products seen as I have tested them out for quite a while now

la roche posay 4*Effaclar Foaming Gel*

This product is most definitely the oldest La Roche Posay product that I’ve used.  It always leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and fresh.  What’s great about it is that its soap free so in no way irritates the skin.  Its my go to cleansing facial wash.


la roche posay 2

*Rosaliac AR Intense*

I’ve been using this product for a month now to help combat the redness/ acne rosacea around mostly my nose area. I’ve definitely seen good results from using this for the past month, I like how its a serum and how hygienic the packaging is because its a pump therefore its easy to apply.  Because I’ve had redness problems for some time now I knew that I wouldn’t see drastic improvements so quickly but I’m intending on keeping it in my skincare regime for the foreseeable future.

la roche posay 5

*Effaclar Imperfection Corrector*

I will admit that I bought this originally because I read the box wrong and thought that it was a moisturiser *oopps!*. However, aside from that the product is aimed at acne prone skin so its a cream used to reduce the appearance of spots.  I haven’t used this product for too long so watch this space for an individual review coming soon!

la roche posay 3

*La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water*

I’m intending on doing a Summer Must Have post soon filled with products and things that I think are good for this time of the year and this product is definitely going to make an appearance in it. The thermal spring water is perfect if your skin is needing some instant hydration and cooling down perfect on hot sunny days.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Although my skin isn’t transformed and I’ve developed a few spots around my chin *urgh* La Roche Posay really agrees with my skin and I know its a brand that I can trust.

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9 thoughts on “La Roche Posay Skincare Update/ Review!

  1. I’ve literally just ordered the 3 step effaclar kit and then came across your post!
    I’ve tried so many different brands and products for my problematic skin and none (so far) have helped, I’m hoping la roche posay is going to be the one!
    Thanks for the helpful post, I’m feeling positive about trying them out when they arrive.

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