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Travel Diary:- Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen 2

Hi Everyone! I’m back from holiday and as promised here are the Copenhagen blog posts! In recent years Copenhagen, Denmark has become quite a trendy city break as the Scandinavian country offers a lot in the way of architecture, canals,  street food , beer and culture *we’ll avoid mentioning drug culture*.

Personally, Copenhagen for me wasn’t an obvious holiday choice in the way that Spain and Italy are, however, I had a great week and took some pretty pictures.  The picture above is Nyhaven which is the street which appears on most of the holiday broachers’.  You can see just how pretty it is the colourful houses against the canal.  This was the busiest tourist area.


*When you attempt a candid canal shot*

Nyhaven was really pretty and following the long LONG road along we finally came to the food market.  The food market had lots to offer in the way of world cuisine but seen as I was in Denmark I stuck to a classic hot dog with parmesan sprinkled on top and baby potatoes roasted with herbs.  Insert hugging emoji here.  It was super tasty.

Copenhagen 3

Across the water from Nyhaven is also where the iconic little Mermaid statue is.  Again, this was swarmed with tourists but it was great to see.  I also managed to pick up a few ornaments of the Little Mermaid for friends.

I hope you enjoyed my first post about my holiday in Copenhagen! In the week I was there I also went to the famous Tivoli Gardens theme park and the Zoo so my next post shall be on that!

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Clare x

Copenhagen 4



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