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A Magical Theme Park:- Tivoli Gardens!


Hi Everyone! So on the second day of my holiday in Copenhagen we visited the world famous Tivoli Gardens! I didn’t really know what to expect from the theme park but it stole my heart it was the most magical place I’ve ever been to ( yes I’ve not been to Disney) Not only does Tivoli have amazing rides, there is a boating pond and you can rent a boat, area of the park to toast marshmallows *the dream* candyfloss stalls, hit the coconut stalls… the list goes on and on!

tivoli 5

All round the park is beautiful different restaurants where you can sit outside looking on to the beautiful water fountain and flower beds in the centre of the park.  What I found quite funny was the random birds walking around the park like flamingos and peacocks! We managed to find an amazing burger bar that sold the best burger and chips I think I’ve ever had!

* The Water Fountain and the Boating Pond*

Every hour in the theme park there is a little parade of marching soldiers, I thought this was so cute! The food in the park was amazing especially the hot chocolate! I honestly felt like I was in a magical little bubble for the day! In the evening before the park closed there was an outdoor screening of singing in the rain.  It was such a perfect day and I’d highly recommend to anyone to go!

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Clare x


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