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Travel Diary:- South of France (Carcassonne)

France 3

Hi Everyone! As many of you will have known I’ve been away on holiday for the past few days and I had the most MAGICAL time! I wasn’t in any doubt that the South of France wasn’t going to be breath taking but seriously Carcassonne (the area I went to) was like wandering around a real life fairy tale.

France 2

( View from outside the Castle walls)

Carcassonne is a medieval town located 80 kilometres from Toulouse and is one of the oldest walled cities left in Europe.  As a historian, I was v keen to see the castle and immerse myself in its history and learn more about it being occupied by the Romans.  However, unfortunately our horse and cart tour was only in French and the cart also lost a wheel mid tour (lol) but the views from the old town were breath taking even if I didn’t get a history lesson!


Inside the castle feels like a labyrinth with all the little cobbled streets winding and leading to cute independent shops selling a range of goods from Nutella crepes to soap to toys.  France 7

Exploring the castle was one of the highlights of my trip, as I said above, I felt like I was in a fairy tale and wasn’t too shocked to discover that Walt Disney sought his inspiration for Sleeping Beauty from the medieval castle of Carcassonne.  At night we ate at the restaurants within the castles which made it feel even more magical.  (Can you tell I was in my element?!)

France 8

(Art Work on Street Wall)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my travel diary of Carcassonne! I’ll be back in two days with my second diary post focussing more on what we did during our trip including a dreamy visit to the spa and LOADS of food!

Clare x

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