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6 Week Skincare Challenge:- La Roche Posay

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Hi Everyone! Recently I’ve been really wanting to get on top of my skincare regime as quite honestly my skin has been getting me a tad down.  In recent years, my skin ‘type’ has went from what I’d once classified as oily to combinational.  I have rosacea around my nose area and quite a few spots and scars and along with dry patches there’s certainly a lot to treat!

I’ve always been a big fan of La Roche Posay as a skincare brand but quite frankly apart from using their products here and there I’ve never really stuck to a rigid routine using the products religiously each morning and night. However, having seen the Effaclar Anti- Blemish System skincare kit advertised on offer in Boots for the bargain price of £23,  I thought that this would be an opportunity to *hopefully* turn my skin around.

La Roche posay 173

The kit comes with the Effaclar purifying foaming gel, a clarifying toner and probably the most famous product of the brand the Effaclar Duo.  What I love about this kit is that it automatically has created a skincare regime for acne prone skin so that you know the 3 main products to use.  I use the foaming gel in the morning and evening to wash my face and remove excess oil and I follow this up by using the toner (also in the morning and evening) which helps to matify the skin and tighten pores.

The final step in the regime is to use the Effaclar Duo a product which has been hailed by many bloggers and those with problematic skin for correcting and minimising breakouts.  The product is of a gel formulation.  I’ve been using the kit for one week now and it has definitely helped to dry out my spots and reduce redness.  To prevent my skin from being too dry I use the Effaclar Mat moisturiser.  This moisturiser is also a good base for under makeup.

La Roche posay 17

I’ll be sure to do an update in 5 weeks time to document how my skin has improved! If your not already be sure to follow my blog and leave me a comment below!

Clare x



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