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Topolabamba:- Mexican Tapas Experience!



This year I’ve really branched out when it comes to eating out and trying new restaurants and one of my most recent experiences has been eating at Topolabamba, a Mexican tapas restaurant in Glasgow ( there’s one in Edinburgh as well).

As soon as you enter the restaurant your not in doubt that your in a Mexican restaurant as its all decked out with sombreros and mini skeletons.  I was impressed by the menu as there’s so much to choice from and it took me a good ten minutes to decide what I wanted to try.  I opted for the guacamole, salt and pepper fries and a chorizo and cheese burger.  The food was delicious and the burger especially was super spicy!

Tapas is such a fun way of eating and what you could easily do in Topolabamba a group is pick a bunch of dishes from the  menu and then everyone can sample everything.

For dessert I chose cinnamon churros with a chocolate dip which were delicious! All in all the experience was fun, food was delicious and the atmosphere was laid back and I’d definitely return!


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6 thoughts on “Topolabamba:- Mexican Tapas Experience!

  1. I love Mexican food so much, this looks like something I’d love to try! Sadly I’m not based anywhere near Scotland, here’s hoping there’s one in the south of England! 💛😂

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