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LUSH Christmas! #Blogmas1

LUSH Christmas1

Hi Everyone, Happy December!

*In the led up to Christmas last year I posted a blog post everyday which was really fun especially as it forced me to come up with more creative Christmas content.  This year however, I’m taking a different approach because of uni commitments, so instead, there will be 12 different posts up until the 25th.  So make sure that your following my blog if your not already because I’ll be sharing all things Christmassy!*

To start things off I have a small LUSH Christmas Haul.  Being realistic I’ll no doubt buy a few more products from the Christmas range as I do every year but these are what I picked up at the weekend.

Lush Christmas2

If you’ve been a long term reader of my blog you’ll probably have gathered that its became tradition that I pick up a bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel every year.  I was trying to think how many years this tradition has been going for and I think its on its 8th year! Snow Fairy is an iconic sweet sugary scent that really lingers on your skin.  Although its a shower gel it also works well as a bubble bath.

Twilight Bath Bomb, although not in the Christmas range,  is perfect for wintery nights and will send you off to the land of nod thanks to the lavender extracts in it. I love how it makes the bath water swirl. The core inside is blue so when the pink exterior shell and the core mix it turns the water a gorgeous shade of purple.

Sometimes although winter is magical you cant help but miss summer and LUSH have done something pretty cool *ha* with The Snowman Bubbleroon.  This little guy is one of the cutest products in the shop and although he is a snowman his scent is sicillian lemon which will remind you of summer.  Crumble under running water for the ultimate bubble bath.

Butterbear is one of those bath bombs that everyone loves because of the cocoa butter which makes your skin super soft.  For Christmas he has a little scarf on which is a cute idea.

LUSH Christmas

Let me know what other Christmas products from LUSH I should try next! Be sure to follow and if you missed my Christmas posts last year I’ll link them here.

Clare x





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