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January Reads:- The Couple Next Door

the couple next door

Something that I wanted to do over the Christmas break was to read more books for leisure.  Back in the summer of 2016 I read the ‘Girl on the Train’ and it was the first proper thriller novel that I had ever read.  Ironically, I started the book on a train from London Victoria to Brighton and I was hooked.  Ever since reading it, I’ve been on the look out for other thriller novels and during Christmas I read the highly acclaimed novel ‘The Couple Next Door’ by Shari Lapena.

I’m glad to say that I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed by this novel.  The main plot of the book revolves around a couple who reluctantly leave their six month old baby alone in their house whilst they go next door to their neighbours for a dinner party.  Upon checking upon the baby at half past midnight they notice that the baby has gone.

What I loved about this novel was that the characters are so complex and its not a book that you can suspect who committed the crime because there are so many twists and turns in the plot.  Although I’m obviously not going to reveal the ending of the book, what I will say is that it was an ending that I really did not see coming (which I loved) I think Lapena could make a sequel to the novel to develop the aftermath of the ending and what happened to the characters.

The book is really easy to read which I think helps to make you want to read it in the one sitting.  Since finishing the novel, I’ve bought Lapena’s other thriller novel ‘A Stranger in the House’ so watch this space for my thoughts on that!

Let me know any other good thriller recommendations! and be sure to follow the blog if your new

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