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Morphe Marble Brush Set

Marble Makeup3

Hi Everyone! I recently met up with a friend that I had not seen since before Christmas.  Personally, I quite like it when I get a surprise belated Christmas gift in January because it helps to brighten up what can sometimes be a long month *especially when your quite skint*

Marble Makeup4

My friend gave me this gorgeous set of Morphe Marble Brushes.  Morphe is a brand that I’ve heard a lot about but never really looked into buying anything from them so I was really excited when I discovered that I had such a pretty set of brushes from the brand.

The brushes have a marble effect to them and have a rose gold top  which makes it a dreamy combination.  On the website it says that the brushes guarantee a flawless completion so I’m really looking forward to using them.

Marble Makeup5

The set has 10 Professional Makeup Brushes: Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Flat Foundation Brush, Angled Shadow Brush, Flat Shadow Fluff Brush, Blender Brush, Chubby Shadow Brush, Blender Fluff, Concealer Brush, Detail Shadow Fluff, Lip Brush, and Angle Liner Brush. So essentially, you have every makeup brush you could possibly need!

Marble Makeup2

What makes these brushes even better is that they are travel friendly as they come in a marble tub which makes it perfect for packing in a suitcase or even a handbag if your needing to transport your brushes. The tub can also be used as a way to store the brushes on top of your worktop which is super handy!

I’ll be doing a mini review on the brushes in a few weeks to let you know your thoughts! If your new please leave a comment and follow!

Clare x



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