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Lush Valentine’s Range


* Lush 2018 Range*
Hi Everyone! If you’ve been a long-term viewer of my blog then you’ll not be surprised to see that I’ve picked up a few products from LUSH’s Valentine Range.  I love LUSH all year round, but I particularly love their floral scented products and this year the V range products are super cute.
*Love boat Bath Bomb*

The first thing that I spotted when I walked into the store was this super cute little boat.  This is called the ‘Love Boat’ and I believe is one of the new V range products of 2018.  This bath bomb has Sicilian lemon oils in it which makes it a refreshing zesty bath bomb. From the website I’ve seen that it creates a gorgeous pink colour in the bath so I’m looking forward to using it.




* Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon*

If you love a good ol’ bubble bath then the whole lotta love bubbleroon is a product that you should try! I love the bubbleroons because they not only look like macaroons but that you get two baths out of them as you only use half the product.  This product has lemongrass oil and rose scents.












The last product from the V range that I    bought is  Titsy Tosty.   This bath bomb is in the shape of a heart and has rosebuds through it which fills the bath with flowers. LUSH says that it has Sicilian lemon *do we sense a theme* geranium and sensual oils. Forget rose petals being sprinkled on your bed, lying in a bath of rose petals is far more romantic!



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