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Tea Collection!

Tea collection (2)

Hi Everyone! So something that I seem to acquire a lot of is tea.  My family and I are quite big tea drinkers and so today I thought that I would share some of my favourite flavoured teas.

tea collection 1

I’ve become quite adventurous when it now comes to tea and have been enjoying trying a range of different tea blends.  Peppermint tea is a blend which is really sharp and fresh,  I think this specific tea is like marmite, you either love it or loathe it, I do think however, that it does take some getting used to.

Ginger tea is one of my all time fav teas! Its especially good for your digestive system *hence why I began to drink it* but has a nice kick to it, perfect for these winter days! I also have Ginger tea with Manuka Honey which is a nice alternative to just ginger and sweetens it up.  I’ve also recently tried a Green Tea and Tumeric blend which had a real kick to it.

tea collection 2

For years at bedtime I have been drinking Camomile tea, I think I began to drink this when I went through a period of insomnia, I only planned to take it during that rough period but ended up drinking it every night! Again, it takes a while to acquire a taste for camomile tea, but it is a great option to have when you want to relax.

My brothers particularly enjoy drinking Strawberry and Raspberry teas, I particularly find this tea quite sweet, but it makes a nice drink especially for the summer as you can add ice cubes to make it an iced tea!

Obviously, we also have regular blends of tea such as Breakfast tea but I thought that this post might be of interest to any other tea enthusiasts out there! Leave in the comments other tea’s that you think I might like

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  1. Nice collection there. Perfect on a day like today. My favourite at the moment is good old green tea with lemon. 🙂

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