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What I’m Doing For Soft Skin this Summer

Summer Skincare 1

Like most people, my legs tend to spend the whole of the winter season hidden away under trousers and tights and * let’s be honest* during the winter they don’t see a razor on a regular basis.  So when Summer finally rolls around I suddenly realise that my pins are in desperate need of some good old TLC. 

When it comes to shaving my legs I usually opt for the Venus Swirl razor because it’s easy to use on stubborn areas such as on the knees and back of the ankles.  When travelling I like to have the travel mini razor which comes with its own cute little case, making it easy to throw in my makeup bag without taking up too much room.  There’s nothing nicer during the summer than having smooth legs in new bed sheets.

Summer Skincare 2

Having pale skin always is a tad more challenging when it comes to self- tanning because more times than I’d like to admit I’ve ended up resembling a cheesy wotsit *not a cute look* haha.  I bought this St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower from Boots in the hope that it’d help me achieve that sun-kissed look.  However, I’ve found it hard to stay in the shower for three minutes without washing it off and even when I have timed the three minutes and washed the tan off it hasn’t really given me any extra colour.  I’ve used it for about five days in a trot but I’ve yet to develop any sort of tan.  I’m a tad disappointed because I loved the concept of this tan, perhaps I should have picked up the medium shade?

Summer Skincare 3

In the Summer * a bit like remembering to shave my legs* I suddenly remember that moisturiser is a product that does exist!  I have pretty dry/ dehydrated skin all year round but this Summer I really want to boost my skin and help it to become more hydrated and softer.  I’ve re-discovered the Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil and have started to put a layer of this on my skin after coming out of the shower.  I’ve also been using a mini body butter from The Body Shop The Cranberry One which I had left over from Christmas.  Not only does this smell delicious but it really has been helping to make my skin feel softer.

It goes without saying that a big factor in achieving softer healthier looking skin comes down to being hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  This is something that seems to be a continual work in progress for me but I find that adding lemon and lime to flavour water helps me to want to drink more of it.

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