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Strawberry Body Yogurt:- The Body Shop

the body shop

Hi Everyone! So like I mentioned in my blog post on getting my skin prepped for summer *linked here* I’m trying to up my moisturising game and what better way than with a new released body butter from the Body Shop!

Although I’ve always been a fan of the odd body butter from the Body Shop, this new release has really got me excited because essentially its the Body Shop’s body butter in a body ‘Yoghurt’ formula.  The product’s packaging mimics that of a yoghurt pot *yeah ok a v large yoghurt pot* and the magic whipped potion inside aka the body cream also smells just like a strawberry flavoured yoghurt, perfect for the summer.

I like how much product you get for £ (they retail t £8.50) and that the body cream doesn’t feel too cakey or sticky on the skin, but rather that it soaks in nice and quickly and leaves the skin feeling plump and soft.  Also I love the range of scents that they have in this range and really fancy getting the almond scented pot as well!

the body shop1

I should probably mention that the pots are also 100% vegan if that floats your boat and that the pots are reusable and could make a good storing place for hairclips etc.  I’d highly recommend picking up a body yoghurt it really is a luxurious treat for the skin and is a perfect component to bring along to a summer picnic – just make sure as hard as it is to refrain from eating it!

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