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The Body Shop Haul!

The Bodyshop


Hi Everyone! So for my birthday *birthday post coming* I got some products from The Body Shop which I’ve been enjoying using.  I’m a big fan of The Body Shop but I don’t tend to treat myself to many of their products on a regular basis so it was a nice to be surprised with some goodies.

A particular product I’ve had my eye on for a while has been The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter.  Having used this for a good week and a half I’m impressed by the quality of it as the balm is really gentle on the skin and easily takes foundation off without requiring much effort. I also like the gentle camomile scent of the product.   One thing however that I would say is that I’m not much of a fan of the muslin cloth that came with this Camomile set.  After using it a few times I found that the cloth dragged my skin and it felt like it was scrubbing my face so I prefer to swirl some small cotton pads into the balm to remove my makeup.

The Body Shop Camomile gentle eye make-up remover, in particular, has really impressed me because of how quickly it takes mascara and eyeliner off.  I love that it doesn’t sting my eyes at all and that I don’t have to spend ages rubbing my eyes to get all the residue away.

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same but I love having a fruity scented shower gel to help perk me up and get me motivated for the day ahead.  This Body Shop Banana Shower Cream shower gel not only looks aesthetically pleasing *look at that colourful label* but it also smells amazing, just like the foam banana sweets you get in the cinema pick and mix.  It lathers up well and leaves the skin feeling soft and smelling lovely.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post! Be sure to leave me a comment below and follow the blog.  Next week after I’ve completed my masters *yay* I am going to announce my 500 followers give away so be sure to check back for that!

Clare x



I'm Clare, a 22 year old history masters student from Scotland . I created this space in 2015 to talk about some of my fav things *cue the sound of music* ranging from food to makeup to travel. Feel free to follow the blog and my Instagram which is maple_clouds17

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