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Mini Lush Autumn Haul

LUSH Autumn

Hi Everyone! Its been a while since I did a LUSH post and if the truth be told that’s mainly because I’m pretty broke rn and trying to save my coin.  However, in saying that recently my mum treated me to some bath goodies. 

LUSH Autumn 1

I’m not sure if it was just the LUSH in Glasgow but I wasn’t overly impressed with the Halloween range of bath bombs (Christmas range looks amazing tho) but one Fall product that I’ve loved for years has been the Pumpkin Bubble Bar.  The bright orange and glitter is super appealing as is the smell.  To me, it encompasses everything to do with Autumn from the burnt copper colour to the sweet smell of cinnamon.  I love that you get a few baths from this product as it is a bubble bar and that it creates lots of bubbles.  I recently saw a video on LUSH’s Facebook page that revealed that in order to achieve the pumpkin marks they press a whisk into the top of the bubble bar!

A bath bomb that I’ve always loved and like to stock up on is Twilight.  This bath-bomb is v comforting as it is scented with lavender and swirls the bath water into a milky blue/purple colour making it the ultimate bedtime bath.   I’ve recently heard that LUSH has released the shower gel of this bath bomb which I can’t wait to try!

Finally, a Christmas firm fav of mine Snow Fairy Shower Gel.  Over the years LUSH have incorporated the famous Snow Fairy scent into many different products and this year I see that they’ve developed a spray.  However, I love the classic shower gel and I think this is the earliest that I’ve ever picked it up! In case your clueless as to what it smells like *but I’m sure everyone will probs know* it smells like the sweetest candy floss.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Be sure to follow and leave me a comment below!

Clare x

LUSH Autumn 2



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