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My 2018 Skincare Routine!

Skincare 2018

*Edit:- I’ve tried to get this post up for the past two weeks thanks to WordPress breaking.  Also, regarding the 500 followers giveaway, I’m extending the giveaway until December and there’s going to be two winners as opposed to one*

Hi Everyone!  Over the last few months, I’ve tried a few new skincare products in an attempt to improve my skin.  Although I have by no means nailed the perfect skincare routine, I thought that I’d share my views on the three products that I’ve been using religiously over the last two months.

My skincare type if you’re new here is oily however as of late it is leaning more towards more combinational especially with the cold winter creaking in.   I’ve suffered from acne rosacea since I was about 10 and I am prone to getting many a breakout, therefore, I like to have a gentle facial wash which will help to get rid of my makeup residue and thoroughly cleanse my skin.  I’ve been using the La Roche Posay Toleriane Facial Wash for the most of this year as it’s been helping to keep my skin clean and semi-combat breakouts.  I love that it’s a foaming gel and doesn’t contain any soap as unlike other facial washes it isn’t abrasive on the skin and feels gentle.

For the last few years, the beauty community has gone cray for the skincare brand PIXI.  Skincare blogger Caroline Hirons especially has sung the praises of the brand’s toner, PIXI Glow Tonic.  Back in Sephora in France earlier in the year *at what I like to call the ‘pick n mix’ section beside the till* I seized the opportunity to purchase a travel version of the product.  It contains 5% glycolic acid which helps to remove dead skin cells to reveal healthy glowing skin.  To be honest, because of the hype I was expecting amazing results from this product have ended up feeling quite perplexed because I haven’t seen any noticeable changes.  Bearing in mind that I have used this product for the last 5 months.  Because it was so expensive I’m using it up but don’t intend to re-purchase it.

Potentially the best skin care purchase/discovery that I’ve made this year has been buying the Origins Gin Zing Moisturiser.  I’m aware that this product has been about for ages but having never splashed out more than £15 on a moisturiser I decided to treat my skin and it has not disappointed.  I bought the smaller sized moisturiser (£25 from Boots) and it has done wonders for my skin.  Because its a gel formula it sinks into the skin super fast and unlike a cream moisturiser it doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky.  It also contains caffeine which really helps to boost the skin and help create that hydrated glow.  I also love the orange citrus scent that it has which is really refreshing to smell especially first thing in the morning.  For any British Students the UniDays App currently has 20% off on Origins (which reduces the moisturiser down to £20).

I know this was a tad more in-depth than was intended but thank you for reading if you made it this far 🙂 Be sure to leave me a comment below and make sure that you are following to be in with a chance of winning the giveaway in December.

Clare x



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