skincare routine

 ~ Skincare~

Recently I’ve discovered some gems from Garnier that work wonders for my skin type which is oily to combinational.  This is my skincare routine which you will see is more concentrated at night.


In the morning I usually resemble a zombie and am rushing to get out the house so not much effort goes into skincare.  I usually wash my face with a facial wash ( ran out hence no image)  and dab my skin dry.  In the past I have loved La Roche Posay and Vichy facial washes as they are gentle on the skin and don’t break me out.  Next, I go onto moisturiser and for this I use the Garnier Moisture Matte + Daily Oil Free Moisturiser.  It has a lovely scent to it and isn’t greasy on my skin, but what’s more my makeup is actually lasting longer in the day thanks to there being no oil in the moisturiser.


Night time is when I tend to have more time on my hands and pay a bit more attention to my face.  I start off by removing my makeup with the Garnier Micellar water which removes it quickly but also cleanses at the same time.  Next I apply my night time moisturiser which is the Garnier Moisture Restore + Night Care.  Its a gel- cream and feels really cool on the skin and again, not greasy.  I find it sinks into my skin quickly and leaves it feeling really fresh. Next, once my moisturiser has sunk into the skin I dab on some sudocrem onto any blemishes and I honestly can’t vouche enough of how amazing this stuff has been at helping my skin remove from nasty breakouts

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