Spring Nails

Hi Everyone! I seem to always enjoy switching up the different colours I put on my nails at the various seasons in the year.  During Spring I tend to gravitate more towards pastel shades and thought that I’d do a quick post to share some of my favourite shades.

As a brand I love Barry M polishes, in particular their speedy quick dry range.  As it says on the tin these polishes dry in really quickly which I love. They also seem to with stand chipping quite well so you can eek out wearing the same nail polish for a week.  What a win.

Firstly, lets talk about my latest polish to join my collection, 634 In a Heart Beat from Barry M Quick dry range.  This is a flamingo/sherbet pink colour that is really pretty keep it to one coat if you want a light coat and two coats makes the colour pop more.

Tanya Burr Fairy God Mother polish is a milky blue with purple undertones to it.  I think this colour looks really clean on the nails and is perfect for everyday.  It layers up nicely and the packaging as with all the nail polishes from Tanya is gorg.

Tanya Burr Little Duck has been in my nail polish collection for quite a while now.  Its a lovely mint green shade another one which is perfect for Spring.

Finally, we have Barry M Full Throttle.  I wont lie I’m not nuts on the name of this polish but I get what they were doing with connecting the racing theme with the speedy names.  Its a peachy shade that instantly makes your hands look a bit more tanned even if they are not at all.  What is it with peachy orangey shades that do that?!

So there we have it my 4 fav Spring nail polishes that I’ll be alternating between for the next few months.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments and as always if your new please follow my blog it means a lot!

Clare x

Skincare Update:- La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay

Hi Everyone! I haven’t really done a skincare routine post for a good while now so I’m going to fill you in on what’s being going on with my skin and my new plan of action when it comes to my skincare regime.

Since around the age of 11, I’ve had redness around my T zone, mostly the areas around my nose and forehead * I believe the correct term to use is acne rosacea*.  Since then, I’ve more or less spent my time trying to cover up my skin/ the uneven skin tone and the blemishes. I remember at first I got my hands on a concealer crayon from Rimmel which was 2 tones too dark for my skin and as a result of applying it directly to the spots, it  spread the infection around the rest of my face.  It was a great look.  In recent years thanks to the power of makeup I’ve gotten better at covering my skin but recently it has been the worst it has been in a long while which comes at the time of my exams. YAY.

Whether it has been down to stress, hormones, unhealthy eating, makeup sponges whatever, I knew I had to take better control of the situation.  YouTube will sell it to you that you need to have a complex skin care regime: day oils, night oils, toners, lactic acid pads etc. etc. Not only do I not have the budget to afford these excessively priced skin care products, but that’s a lot of products for one face.  As someone from a family of women who have more or less just used plain old water and a moisturiser, I’ve decided to skim it back and go back to a brand I love and trust to hopefully make my skin better.

La Roche Posay are a French skincare brand which use thermal spring water in their products and the brand is directed towards people with sensitive skin and acne prone skin.  I used them a few years back and noticed my skin improved for some time but I aim now to religiously use these products whilst of course, also making more of a conscious effort to make better lifestyle choices e.g. upping my water intake.

I’ve bought the Effaclar foaming gel as a facial wash which I intend to use both morning and night and the Effaclar Matte moisturiser, aimed at people with oily skin and large pores.  I’ll check in with an update in a few weeks time, hopefully I notice a difference!

Thanks for reading, be sure to leave me a comment below telling me your skincare regime 🙂

Clare x


LUSH Spring Haul!

Lush Spring Haul

Hi Everyone! Today I’m sharing with you a small Spring LUSH haul of a few products that I recently bought post uni.  I love how many seasonal appropriate products  LUSH bring out during the year and their Spring/ Easter range is always so adorable.  I haven’t yet picked up any of their Easter bath bombs but watch this space as in the next few weeks I’m certain that I will buy a few!

*The Comforter Shower Gel*

Although not necessarily associated with the Spring collection, I wanted to pick up a bottle of this shower gel as it reminds me of my first trip to London in 2015.  I think the shower gel is perfect for this time of the year as it is blackcurrant scented with notes of vanilla so it smells very fruity and sweet smelling. Essentially it is the comforter bath bubble bar in a shower gel.

*Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bars*

I remember this product from last year and its just as cute as before!  Its a bunch of 3 ‘carrots’ pink,purple and orange that are bubble bars and once you run them under running water they make your bath filled with bubbles. As well as being adorable the carrots are re-usable meaning that you get lots of baths out of them.  The scent is citrus lemon, bergamot and they have buchu oils.

*Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb*

I’ve picked this bath bomb up especially for my mum as part of her mothers day gift.  She loves the smell of roses and florals.  The bath bomb is shaped as a rose and filled with yellow rose petals which appear once the bath bomb is fizzing in the water. Its such a beautiful smelling bath bomb!

I hope you liked reading this post! Be sure to leave me a comment down below and follow my blog if you aren’t already doing so!

Clare x

New Drugstore Releases #2

drugstore 172

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all well if you’ve read my last drugstore post here then you’ll know that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the new products that I bought.  I’m happy to report back that my most recent purchases from Boots were a much better success! Hope you enjoy reading this post 🙂

*Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash*

If you’ve read my blog for a while now then you will know that I’m a big fan of the Garnier Micellar Water makeup remover. It isn’t harsh on the skin but still gets your makeup off really quick.  Recently they have brought out a gel wash version of the product which I was excited to see.  The wash works in the same way as the water does the only difference is with tis product you lather it up with water and it turns into a foam wash.  It doesn’t require much to get your makeup off and your skin is left feeling soft and clean.

*Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation*

As a brand I love Bourjois and have been a fan of the healthy mix foundation for a few years now.  Recently, they have re- launched the product it has different packaging but I’m glad that the iconic fruity/peachy scent has not disappeared.  The foundation gives really good coverage and doesn’t leave the skin matte so you are left with glowing skin.  The foundation has Vitamin B5,C and E in it which is interesting and is supposed to last up until 16 hrs but I haven’t put it to the test.

*NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Cairo*

The last NYX lipcream that I bought was in the shade Abu Dhabi and I really loved it.  Now that NYX have launched in boots its a much more accessible brand to access and there is still so many products that I want to try.  I opted for the lip cream in the shade Cairo which is quite similar to Abu Dhabi but I’d say that it is a tad more peachy. The lip cream’s dry in matte and last well they also have a powdery smell to them, the only gripe that I have with them is that my lips always seem to be really dry but that can be resolved with lip balm.

Let me know any more makeup launches that I should try I feel quite enabled now that it is Spring to try new products.  I’m intending on doing a giveaway soon so if you’d like to be in with the chance to win follow my Instagram:- clare95xo more info to follow soon!

Clare x

Banana and Peanut Butter Muffins!


Hi Everyone! One of my favourite ways to relax is to bake.  I love the process and how rewarding it feels when you’ve baked something that is really tasty and everyone loves.  Today I wanted to make something semi-healthiest and saw that I had some banana’s that needed using up so I made use of the ingredients I had in the house and baked some banana and peanut butter Muffins.  I used an American recipe which you can find here if you’d also like to make these.  The recipe is really easy to follow and most ingredients you will have to hand.

I think these muffins would be great for breakfast time especially if your on the move and want something quick to eat, grabbing one of these muffins would give you a healthy start to the day as they are full of protein.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Next week I have a party to bake for so you’ll be sure to see more baking blog posts then so be sure to follow my blog!

Clare x

Disappointing Drugstore Releases

Hi Everyone! Today I have a different post for you.  Recently on a trip to Superdrug I decided to switch up my usual foundation and mascara for some new drugstore releases which unfortunately turned out for me to be pretty disappointing.

After so much hype with the new L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover foundation and with the new adverts I was really keen to try this foundation.  I love the original infallible foundation as it gives fab coverage and a matte finish so when I heard that there was total coverage edition I thought this would be amazing especially as I have blemishes and redness.  However, firstly I picked up the wrong shade *which never helps* and then I discovered that unlike the original this foundation comes in the consistency of a moose.

As I started to apply it to my face it started to separate and cling to the dry patches of my skin.  I thought that I could fix this by using my sponge to blend it in but that didn’t work either.  I think because of how thick a consistency the foundation is this is why it doesn’t blend well.  I tend to have more oily skin than dry so it was so strange that it clung to dry areas of my skin.

Maybelline really are the best for mascaras and the falsies Angel Push Up Liner really appealed to me.  The brush is made of plastic and is really thin, this strange shape didn’t put me off though because it gets product to the root of your lashes.  However, when applying this mascara it really makes my lashes look clumpy and doesn’t separate them at all.  I’m still using the mascara until I can afford a new one and one thing I find that helps is to get a wipe and wipe off most of the product on the brush to avoid clumpy lashes.

I hope you enjoyed reading my views on these 2 new drugstore makeup releases.  Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments maybe you really like them?

Clare x

Weekend Brunch!


Hi guys! Happy Sunday! One of my new hobbies it would seem in 2017 is trying new places for food. Eating is pretty much my hobby but for the last wee while I seem to have got stuck in a rut and have just been going to my usual haunts.  Yesterday I tried  somewhere new called The Hyndland Fox.  Ironically I tried this place just after I published my post on my Guide to Glasgow * which you can read here*.

What really appealed to me about the Fox from its website was the interior design.  Its classic shabby chic with bare brick walls and the upstairs part of the bistro is in the loft.  There’s lots of ivory and greenery which makes the place look really bright. We got seated in a cosy booth with cushions in the loft.

I opted for the French Toast with Bacon and Maple Syrup.  The French toast was done with brioche bread which really helps to soak up the egg * I presume* and it tasted really light and fluffy.  The bacon was crispy and the maple syrup really complimented it well along with the sprinkling of cinnamon, it really was delicious!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and the pictures do the brunch justice! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more food related blog posts from me

Clare x

My Guide to Glasgow!

Hi Everyone! Today I thought that I would finally get round to writing a post giving you the low down on my favourite things to do in my hometown Glasgow! Whether your planning a trip to Glasgow or not or , like me, you live here I hope that you will find this post interesting!


Food, in my opinion, is one of the first things you want to suss out when you’ve arrived at a new city.  Course there’s the usual chain restaurants and cafes that you’ll find across the UK but I’m going to tell you about a gems that Glasgow has to offer.


Old Salty’s is one of my favourite places for lunch or dinner. This is a traditional chippy/ café that serves the best fish and chips Glasgow has to offer! Along with fish and chips they also serve the likes of mac and cheese, homemade soups, salads and even pizzas.  All food is made fresh and the restaurant is in the loft which adds to the cosy comfort vibe.  They have an amazing lunch menu during the week which is only £5! Great quality yummy food at an affordable price.

Hidden in Miller Street just off Glasgow’s iconic George square, Paesano Pizza is Glasgow’s version of Homeslice pizza in London.  Again, this is a rustic minimalistic restaurant speedy, quick perfect for working lunches with finger lickn damn tasty pizza.  The pizzas are authentic Napolitano style made in an artisan stone baked oven.   As well as pizza and salads, they also do desserts such as their soft scoop ice cream which is a real taste of Italy in the centre of Glasgow.

Keeping with the Italian theme, if your looking for a classy romantic Italian restaurant look no further than Viva Italian on Bothwell St Glasgow City Centre.  The food from Viva is of great quality and it has a lovely atmosphere especially at night with the candlelight dinner. The service is attentive and the restaurant is lovely and spacious.  If you love your steak dinners, The Grill on the Corner is the place for you.  Again, this is a classy restaurant which will give you a lovely experience.


If your looking for small cute cafes for a slice of cake and coffee Glasgow has an abundance of independent cafes.  One of my recently discovered favs is Spitfire Espresso.  The guys that run this café are super friendly and it is a laid back café.  I recommend their homemade soups and bagels.  Jellyhill in Glasgow’s west end is another gem especially for their homemade cakes and baked potatoes. It is a cosy café with lovely dimmed lighting which makes for a relaxing coffee trip.

*Things to Do!*

There’s a lot of things to do in Glasgow from exploring some of the best museums and art galleries Scotland has to offer from Kelvingrove Museum to the Hunterian MuseumGlasgow’s Necropolis Graveyard ( I know sounds creepy) is a Victorian Graveyard which  gives you a sensational view of the City.  On the River Clyde is the Science Centre which is a great day out as well as the Riverside Transport Museum.  If your looking more for something chill, I recommend that you check out the Grovenor Cinema in Ashton Lane, West End.  It reminds me of an old wartime cinema because of how cute it is and they also have a licence so you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage if you choose to.  Glasgow obviously has the iconic Buchanan Street which makes for a shoppers paradise, but if your more into the quiet life and want away from the bustle there is an abundance of parks to choose from.  Kelvingrove Park, Rouken Glen and Mugdock Park are just a few which make for great picnic spots in the summer and long walks.

I hope that you liked my extensive guide to Glasgow1 I’ve been meaning to do one for so long, I’ve also tried to link everything that I’ve mentioned if you fancy checking it out.  Let me know your thoughts on Glasgow in the comments!

Clare x

Valentines Day Makeup Look

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday!  With Valentine’s Day next week I thought that it would be fun to create a makeup look perfect for the day/night itself.  Also, just a lil side note obviously this makeup look would be perfect for any day as we transition into Spring.  I’ve decided to go quite tradition pinks for the makeup look with long lashes and glowing skin.

*Makeup Used*

L’Oréal True Match Foundation creates a good base with medium coverage.  It leaves the skin with a glow * Collection Concealer, the best coverage concealer for both blemishes and under eye coverage.  L’Oréal Brow Artist Plumper used to give the brows some definition and keep them in place *  Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette I wont talk too much about this palette as you can read my review here but in particular the blush is the most beautiful rose golden colour with shimmer.  The highlighter is also so pretty *  I like to use a combination of Benefits High beam to add some extra highlight under the brow bone *  Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold is a lovely shade of link for the eyes its pretty and can be built up it also isn’t a garish shade of pink * Maybelline Angel Push Up Mascara this mascara gives great length and definition to the lashes, a great new release in the drugstore to give fluttery lashes * Finally, I’ve used Maybelline Colorsensational lipliner in Sweet pink to line the lips * the lipliner goes gorgeously with  MAC YASH lipstick.  As the lipstick is more of a brown nude it helps to neutralise the look more since there is so much pink going on!


I hope that you liked reading this post! I had fun creating this look let me know your plans for V day in the comments

Clare x


Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette Review

Hi lovely people! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are feeling motivated for the week ahead 🙂  I’ve been meaning to do this review post for a while now as since I received the Zoeva Rose Golden palette at Christmas I immediately fell in love with it.

Firstly, I absolutely adore the packaging of this palette its so slim and compact and feels luxiourous thanks to the rose gold colour.  The Rose Golden Blush Palette consists of bronzer, blush and highlighter.  The bronzer is called ‘Heavy Crown’ and is a milk chocolate shade of brown so perfect if like me you are pale.  I’ve already nearly hit pan on this bronzer!

The blush is possibly the prettiest blusher that I’ve ever tried and is called ‘Palace Door’. Its very pigmented and looks like a baked blush and in itself has a great highlighter.  It gives your cheeks a lovely healthy glow.

Taking of glow, the highlighter in this palette has been sent by the highlighter gods.  ‘Glowing Still’ is a finely milled highlighter.  A little goes a long way and really looks fab in photos and when the light hits your cheek bones.  To apply this highlighter I like to use the Zoeva 105 Luxe highlighter brush.  Again, this brush is rose golden and the bristles are ever so soft.

I hope you liked my review of the Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette.  It really gets 10/10 from me! Leave me a comment below and be sure to follow my blog if your new

Clare x