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The Perfect Summer Lipstick

kiko lipstick 2

~ Makeup~

I’ve never really had a great relationship between bold lipstick shades and tended to stick to paler lipsticks but whilst on summer I wanted to try out a orangey red lipstick

kiko lipstick

Knowing that it would probably be a whim I wasn’t prepared to fork out a lot of money and so once again Kiko came to the rescue.  Firstly, the rose gold packaging of this lipstick gives the impression that its higher end and that you’ve spent more than 6 euros something for.

Secondly its a matte lipstick which I tend to prefer than the glossy ones that you have to constantly reapply.  604 is what I’d describe as a coral orangey red which I think looks great with a white or black outfit and of course a tan if your lucky enough to have one.

The lipstick has buildable coverage isn’t too drying on the lips and in my opinion is a great lip option for the summer.  A nod towards the Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder lipstick without the price tag.