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Perfect Pastels

summer nails

~ Beauty~

Summer is the perfect time to go nail daft and crack out the pastel fun shades for your nails.  Most of the festivals may be over but there doesn’t need to be an excuse to venture into the colourful world that is nail art.  These 4 polishes are affordable, long lasting and most important quick drying.

Barry M 506 Road Rage

This nail polish from the new Barry M Speedy Quick Dry range is a lovely mint green shade that gives a delicate look to your hands.  As the range suggests all the Barry M Nail polishes from this new range are quick drying.

Barry M 450 Eat My Dust

Although this nail polish is fairly new to my collection its the most used.  Why? Its the perfect duck egg blue with grey tone polish I’ve seen in the drugstore.  It looks lovely and fresh on my nails and isn’t a too out there colour but still summery.

Topshop 5th Anniversary Parma Violet

I’m not 100% sure if this nail polish is still available from Topshop as it was one of their ones from their 5th Anniversary collection, but I thought that I would include it here anyway.  I have it on my nails as I type this and I’ve had quite a few complements on it, long lasting delicate pretty everything you really want from a nail polish

Barry M 508 Throttle

Aren’t you just loving the names Barry M have named these nil polishes all in the theme of racing?! This is a peachy orange shade which shouts beach to me its a shade made for summer and goes hand in hand with a tan * quite literally.

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