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How I Wash My Makeup Brushes


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I wrote a post on this on my last blog and it was received well.  Makeup brush washing is probably one of the most boring rituals anyone who owns makeup has to do on a weekly basis.  Personally, I don’t bother spending the money on makeup brush washes specifically targeted to the beauty industry, instead I use baby shampoo which 1) is super affordable and 2) Washes makeup brushes to a treat

I take my brushes into the bathroom, fill the sink and squirt some baby shampoo into the palm of my hand.  I then swirl the brush into the shampoo until I see the brush going clean.  I lay out my brushes on a risen surface such as a window sile until they dry as leaving them elevated prevents any excess water running into the spine of the brush and damaging it.

Once I have finished I rinse the sink clean and pop my brushes into the tub I store them in ( which btw is from Oliver Bonas)

I’m left with clean makeup brushes that smell lovely!

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