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A Quick Guide to Planning for a City Trip

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I really do have some of the main traits of a Virgo one being that I thrive organising myself and planning.  I think my family and friends could vouch that I really love planning, and sometimes I’m the one making all the plans.  But what’s more fun to plan than a city break?

I’m by no way a ‘professional planner’ but I do consider myself someone in the know cause I’ve helped organise quite a few trips, dinners etc.

Firstly for a trip print out/ buy anything that will be useful i.e. maps/ tube maps / language guides etc. anything that is going to make life easy once you arrive at your destination.

Secondly, for accommodation search sites such as Trivago and Trip Advisor to find the hotel/hostel/apartment that’s in your budget located at a central location that is easy to get to.  Looking at the reviews of hotels is really useful in finding out what others thought of the place where you are thinking of making your base for the trip.

Plan out your budget.  How much flights/ buses/ tubes/ trains are places you want to visit in the city, places where you are going to eat and general spending money.

I find writing a list of everything I want to do is useful as its realistic and surfing the web is great at figuring out how much things cost, e.g. museums, cafes, monuments.

Create a schedule.  it doesn’t have to be exact but it means that the days you have in the city you are going to wont be wasted and you’ll be able to cram in everything you want to do and not leave disappointed.

Plan what you are going to wear the night before.  It saves you wasting time in the morning and means that you can make the most of the full day ahead.

Have a back up plan.  Especially if your travelling alone like interailing etc. so that if you become ill or something is stolen you have emergency money and a contingency plan.

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I’ll do a follow up post soon on what I take on a city break

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The Hand Luggage Essentials

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~ Organisation~

There’s nothing worse than that feeling when your sitting on the plane planning on reading that book or doing your makeup only to realise that its in the hold of the plane.


I’m a typical Virgo by nature that I enjoy organising myself and when better a time than when going on holiday.  You want to have the best flight you can have and enjoy it whilst keeping yourself occupied so I want to share the ‘essentials’ or what I think you should have in your hand luggage for a flight.

1) A decent sized bag.  You don’t want a tiny little bag that has everything crushed up inside it.  I got this bag in the Accessorize sale and it was a perfect size for laptop and everything else.

2) Passport ( just a little useful for getting you out the country yanno)

3) Skincare/ Makeup.  Flying really plays havoc on my skin so I like to moisturise my face whilst on board and apply makeup for landing.  I’d say a travel sized moisturiser and whatever makeup and brushes you want to take.  Lip balm also to stop your lips from chapping.

4) Water and Food.  Bought once your past airport security

5) Entertainment.  I like to bring with me a book and a Sudoku book but recently I’ve got into adult colouring books so I brought my Paris colouring book with me too. Head phones and phone are perfect for cancelling out noise

6) Clothing.  Always good to bring sunglasses if your heading into a sunny destination or a scarf if your going somewhere colder.  A scarf can double up as a blanket which is good for a cold flight

7) Money.  For my Euro’s I brought with me a small purse from Primark which was nice and small to throw in my bag and was also rather cute.

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2 Weeks in Italy

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Italy is a country that is pretty close to my heart I love the architecture the pace of life and more importantly the food.  My aunty lives in a town called La Spezia relatively near Pisa therefore for what I think has been the past 5 years ( say whaatt?!) I’ve spent a week or two of my summer each year in Italy. 

Unfortunately you would imagine that having spent so much time in the country that my Italian would be fairl y good but I know hardly any of the language apart from the odd phrase here or there that usually involves food.  Yes Gelato con panne i.e ice cream with whipped cream i’m looking at you.

But to be able to wake up to these picturesque blue skies everyday was bliss even if I was melting away in the nearly 40 degree heat!

Breakfast was quite the highlight for the first couple of days when we had arrived and I couldn’t get enough of the nutella filled chocolatey goodness croissants Half way through the holiday we decided a day at the beach was what we all needed and so we ventured on 3 Italian trains in search of Vernazza one of the cinque terre 5 lands.  We endured a few travel dramas along the way e.g pressed against train door by swarms of tourists whilst under a tunnel #claustraphobiacentral but managed to arrive in one piece!

Although it was quite dull and overcast the beach looked amazing the turquoise blue water sparkled and despite not gaining a tan and returning like perhaps even more of a milk bottle it was a great day out in such a beautiful area of Italy.

The holiday was not complete without a visit to Sephora in which I did some damage to the euros.  But I’ll write a post solely on my purchases

Ciao Italy you were a treat!