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So it’s coming up to the time of year when students up and down the UK ( and abroad too!) are getting ready to either start university or return to it for another year. I thought that a little university/ college series would be useful for all students new or returning and I will pass on any tips I have * I constantly pick ones up!*

Organisation at university is key and you will have a lot of assessments, coursework and essays to submit throughout the semesters as well as formal examinations.  Although most of us now have mobile phones that allow us to store information, nothing beats a traditional diary for helping keep up to date with everything that’s happening.

I’ve managed to get my hands on a mid year diary which is perfect for the uni year.  This one is from Paperchase and is so cute, I love the colours but as well as that inside there is sections devoted to writing in you timetable, deadlines and exams and at the back a section to write down websites that you get given at Uni as well as a place devoted for names, addresses phone numbers etc!

This is the perfect diary and I like to personalise mine with a little polaroid of my dog

Hope you found this post interesting, I’ve linked Paperchase diaries below.  Make sure to follow and leave a comment on my blog



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