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Introducting Ember

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I realise that there’s one special guest that hasn’t made an appearance on my blog yet and that is my dog called Ember.

Ember is my 3 year old Black Labrador that is my non human best friend and is an absolute character.  Ember’s story is quite different in the fact that she was originally bred for the Guide Dog Association for the blind.  Ember was 10 weeks into the training for the Guide Dogs when they decided to withdraw her.  She did really well and got so near to becoming a guide dog but she showed signs of nerves and actually ended up eating a blanket.  She lacked abit of focus and was too affectionate.  My mum had put our names down on the Guide Dogs a year prior in the hope that any withdraw guide dogs may be offered to us.

A year on and no news left us feeling that there probably wouldn’t be a chance of getting a dog from the Guide dogs so we looked into a breeder *bad mistake*.  The ‘lab’ the breeder gave us wasn’t house trained in anyway and tried to attack my dad so fair to say he didn’t stay with us.

2 months on and with a bitter taste left after out last dog experience the phone rang and low and behold it was the Guide Dogs offering us a petite lab called Ember.  We have had Ember for 1 year and 1/2 and I cannot imagine life without her.  She’s so gentle hardly barks and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  But that’s not to say that she doesn’t have her crazy times and recently she has started jumping on the couch for bedtime cuddles.

She’s my best friend and never fails to put a smile on my face. I feel very blessed to have her in my life.

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