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LUSH Magic Wand


If you don’t feel Christmasy yet ( which I didn’t) take a wander into any Lush store and you’ll see the abundance of their Christmas products all bright coloured and smelling amazing.  Yesterday I purchased my all time favourite festive Lush product that comes out each year – the LUSH Magic Wand

I think this product has been improved this year because it doesn’t seem as flimsy on the stick when you run it under the water.  It also comes with a sliver bow which it did not last year if I remember right.

If you love the scent of the iconic Snow Fairy then you’ll love Magic Wand.  Retailed at the price of £5.25 you may think that this is quite a hefty price for a bath melt.  However, you get around 3-4 baths out of this product because unlike a bath bomb, you just run it under the warm water and it creates bubbles.  I’m still amazed that the star keeps its shape and doesn’t completely crumble under the pressure of the water.

Its such a cute product for this time of year and creates lots of pink sweet smelling bubbles.

Hope you enjoyed reading this mini review, there’s no doubt that I’ll be returning to Lush soon to try more products from their Christmas range.

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3 thoughts on “LUSH Magic Wand

  1. I’m so glad I’ve read your review as I didn’t know that this magic wand was related to the snow fairy range in lush! The snow fairy shower gel is just the nicest smelling thing ever and my fave, I’ll soon be popping into lush now to go and pick the wand up and to add it to my snow fairy collection!
    Thankyou for this education lush post hahaha


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