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Lush Twilight:- Review

Hi everyone! today I’m reviewing one of my all time favourite bath bombs from LUSH which is Twilight.  I’ve re- purchased quite a lot of these bath bombs in the last couple of years as its one of my all time favourites from LUSH.  It retails at £3.50 so one of the more expensive bath bombs but I think its totally worth it.

Twilight is a dusty pink colour with stars and a moon engraved into the bath bomb which helps to really make the name authentic. The bath bomb itself doesn’t have a strong sweet or citric smell to it like other bath bombs but smells more of lavender and in my opinion of malt ( like the inside of a malteaser) haha.

Once you drop the bath bomb into the water it creates not only amazing bubbles but also swirls of different shades of blue and pink and purple along with specks of glitter which really makes it a magical bath.

The bath bomb is designed to be used at bed time as the lavender and ylang ylang oil help to soothe muscles and get you in a calm state for a good nights sleep.  I really love this bath bomb and its great to use particularly on a night where you are feeling stressed or anxious and need to relax.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review! Let me know your LUSH recommendations in the comments, I’m forever wanting to try new products.

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