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LUSH Spring Haul!

Lush Spring Haul

Hi Everyone! Today I’m sharing with you a small Spring LUSH haul of a few products that I recently bought post uni.  I love how many seasonal appropriate products  LUSH bring out during the year and their Spring/ Easter range is always so adorable.  I haven’t yet picked up any of their Easter bath bombs but watch this space as in the next few weeks I’m certain that I will buy a few!

*The Comforter Shower Gel*

Although not necessarily associated with the Spring collection, I wanted to pick up a bottle of this shower gel as it reminds me of my first trip to London in 2015.  I think the shower gel is perfect for this time of the year as it is blackcurrant scented with notes of vanilla so it smells very fruity and sweet smelling. Essentially it is the comforter bath bubble bar in a shower gel.

*Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bars*

I remember this product from last year and its just as cute as before!  Its a bunch of 3 ‘carrots’ pink,purple and orange that are bubble bars and once you run them under running water they make your bath filled with bubbles. As well as being adorable the carrots are re-usable meaning that you get lots of baths out of them.  The scent is citrus lemon, bergamot and they have buchu oils.

*Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb*

I’ve picked this bath bomb up especially for my mum as part of her mothers day gift.  She loves the smell of roses and florals.  The bath bomb is shaped as a rose and filled with yellow rose petals which appear once the bath bomb is fizzing in the water. Its such a beautiful smelling bath bomb!

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Clare x


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