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What I got for my Birthday 2018!

Birthday 181

Hi Everyone! So I’ve been 23 for a month now and realised that I didn’t share what I got for my birthday last month! I always enjoy documenting what I get for my birthday and Christmas each year because these are some of my favourite blog posts to read.

Birthday 182

I’ve been needing a nice everyday handbag for a while now because all my other bags are either really big or small and don’t go well with my everyday outfits. My mum and dad kindly bought me this gorgeous soft grey handbag from Accessorize.  I love how this handbag is not only is the perfect in-between size but that it automatically makes any outfit that I’m wearing look pulled together and smart.  My parents also bought me the Camomile Cleansing Balm and Eye Makeup Remover Set from The Body Shop. I’ve already written a blog post on this set which you can read here.

Birthday 183

My friend bought me these gorgeous fluffy fox socks also from Accessorize as well as a gorgeous statement necklace *which you can see in the top left-hand corner*.  My other friend bought me a Soap and Glory Radiance Boosting Mask.  I’ve seen this mask before in Boots and so I’m excited to be able to try it and see if it makes my skin look fresh and hydrated especially since its now Autumn and I’m willing to try anything to enhance my skin.  That friend also gave me Ceridwen’s Cauldron a bath oil from LUSH that I can confirm gave me a luxurious bath.  It comes in a cute little muslin pouch that you dip into the bath and it makes the water a creamy oaty consistency and gives off a beautiful scent of frankincense and rose.  Perfect for dry skin.

Finally, knitwear.  A friend gifted me a gorgeous *super soft* scarf that has the prettiest colours through it blues, burnt oranges and grey.  It is the perfect gift because it’s cosy and stylish and goes with everything in my wardrobe.

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